We take site analysis seriously at Torino Inc. Site analysis is a pre-construction procedure which focuses on existing and potential conditions on and around the building site. This keeps track of the site factors and forces, and how they interact with each other. We take procedures for site analysis and they consist of receiving the site size and location, legal aspects, geology, zoning, wildlife, climate, soils, hydrology, physiography, vegetation, density, access, and any other factors that we might need for the site. Going through these procedures and getting all this information helps us build a stronger building which will last for ages. There are phases that site analysis is dived up into: research phase, analysis phases, and synthesis phase. Research phase is is the first step which includes defining the problem. If there is a problem with the site, this is where you research and find the answer to the problem so construction can be allowed. The analysis phase is the next step which involves programming the site. This is where the site is in planning of where to build the project at hand. The synthesis phase is the last step to site analysis. This step involves the making of a schematic design and a site plan as well as the cost of the project on site. The factors that we use that are needed for a complete site analysis is categorized into aesthetic and natural forces. Aesthetics depends on what the person wants and who will use the finished product. We emphasize this and check that there is 100% satisfaction for our customer on how we will build the project. Natural factors are the background of the environmental aspects. We use natural factors so we can make the project have an energy efficient design. Natural factors are most important for the site so there is thermal comfort within the building.