Here at Torino Inc., we have many different project delivery methods, but all of them are variations of the four most common methods. The four most common methods here include Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management at Risk, Design-Build, and Integrated Project Delivery. Each method carries a different level of risk and advantages for the owner, but with our expertise and experience, we can choose the right one for you and your project. Not all delivery methods are right for every project.

Design-Bid-Build is the most traditional project delivery method here at Torino Inc. The method involves three project phases which are design, procurement, and construction. When these project phases are completed, the owner bids the project. After that, the owner hires a different firm to serve as the general contractor. Design-Bid-Build has pros like having a single point of responsibility for construction and it complies with public bidding policies. Construction Manager at Risk is also another one of our project delivery methods. The construction manager acts as a consultant to the owner in the development and design phases. The risk of construction performance is equal for a general contractor holding all trade subcontracts during the construction phase. The owner hires a design professional and an architect/engineer to establish the project as a team. The pros for this method are builder input during design, transparency of bid process, cost & schedule guaranteed, and also single point of responsibility for construction. Design-Build is a project delivery method here that has both architectural and engineering services with construction all under one contract. The owner hires one entity to serve both as the construction manager and the design professional. Pros for this method include builder input during design, price guaranteed, and fast-track delivery opportunity. Integrated Project Delivery is the last method we use here. It requires collaboration among the owner, designer, and the builder. The risk, responsibility, and the liability for the project delivery is shared among the parties.

Each project is unique and for each project, there is a delivery method that we can give you here at Torino Incorporated.