At Torino Incorporated, we help you with conceptual design, conceptual estimates, and conceptual schedules. Conceptual design is the very first phase of design. This is where the drawings or solid models are being used and made. This phase provides a description of the proposed project in terms of a set of integrated ideas and concepts about how it should work, what it will do, and what the project will look like. By using conceptual design, we help the user understand what we need to do and what needs to be done. The conceptual design helps define the aesthetics and functionality of the project and/or the prototype. We use different concepts to help find the perfect project for you. We use conceptual estimates to inform our customer of what an approximate estimate of what the cost will be for their budget. Conceptual estimating is an art and a science. The science tells the cost of the new work and the art is visualizing a project and the construction of each detail. We have highly trained professionals for estimating the right price of the project. Conceptual schedules are important here at Torino Inc. because scheduling is an important part of planning before the construction begins. We have tools, skills and logic to provide the best scheduling. We scope through detailed design documents and then come up with an estimated schedule of how long the construction will take and of what days the construction will need to happen. This process helps both the owner and our construction team. We update our schedules and estimations as frequently as possible to help our clients with any questions they might have. We go out of our way to help our client know what they want and how much their budget is with our conceptual design, estimates, and schedules here at Torino Inc.