3 Parkway Lobby Renovation

Capital Improvements

TI masterfully transformed the lobby at 3 Parkway in Center City, Philadelphia, into a beautiful and inviting space. The renovated lobby welcomes visitors with a hip atmosphere, warmth, and retro neon lighting. The construction required strategic phasing and coordination to ensure tenants could access the building throughout the work.

The focal point of the lobby is a full-height white quartz wall with an integrated 2.5mm 7ft x 32 ft LED video screen behind a custom white quartz security desk. This screen allows for various input possibilities, from welcome messages to displaying multiple TV stations or sports competitions. The hanging fixtures and other integrated LED lighting were designed to change color, creating different lighting schemes that enhance the lobby’s ambiance. Torino Inc. took the old lobby and re-engineered the space into a functional and visually striking area that serves as a welcoming arrival hub for business at 3 Parkway.

3 Parkway, Ground Floor
Philadelphia, PA
3000 SF

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